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Your organization with a approach 360º, personalized and strategic 

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Cybersecurity & Privacy 360º

The constant evolution of technologies, threats, and digital fraud inspired us to develop this exclusive solution, Cybersecurity & Privacy 360º.           

A recurrent, flexible and efficient approach, respecting the most advanced market practices, laws and regulations to deal with these constant changes.

Specialised Services

Improve your organization productivity, simplifying your operations routine with our on demand highly specialized cybersecurity & data protection services 

as a service

Adequacy, definition, and continuous improvement of internal strategic processes with laws, regulations, and best practices.

cyber attack
as a service

Analysis of digital fraud, forensics analysis, cyber incidents response, identification of vulnerabilities and technological weaknesses.

cyber defence
as a service

Secure application development, analysis and implementation of security/privacy technologies and threat monitoring

on demand

On demand projects, with specific needs, matching your organization current needs 


Who we are

The B10SEC was born from the passion of highly skilled professionals with over 15 years of experience , working in the most diverse business verticals, from traditional banking, retail, e-commerce, to high tech startups, and the market need, for necessity deep specialized professionals that could translate the complexity of the cyber security & digital privacy universe for organizations, focusing on their specific needs.

We are Specialists

Passion for what we do makes us extreme experts in cybersecurity and data protection. We have accumulated years of experience solving cybersecurity challenges for the most diverse business verticals, ranging from banking institutions to startups, focusing on:


High-level technical experience in cybersecurity processes, intelligence, management, and task execution. 


Deep practical experience in adapting, defining, managing, and structuring continuous compliance processes

Why us


We know the importance of having a real partner, not just a supplier, in such a sensitive and complex field. We show our partnership through real action and execution.

The foundation of our company, reflected in our customers experience feedback

Going beyond the scope, if necessary, to achieve results is our fundamental mission.

We proactively monitor cybersecurity and privacy topics in the most efficient way, by moving at the same speed your organization's needs. 

Your organisation's needs determine our action. As simple as that.

What they say about us

We recommend the services provided by B10SEC, which stand out for their quality, flexibility, team spirit and commitment

João Marchão

Metropolitano de Lisboa

B10SEC's professionalism, knowledge, and experience were crucial factors for us to keep enjoying and recommending their services.

Pedro Coutinho

CEO, Waterdog

We recommend the services provided by B10SEC, which stand out for their quality, flexibility, team spirit and commitment

Nuno Pinto

HEAD IT - Grupo Boticário​

B10sec clientes

I got to know B10SEC through its professionals, who I already knew from other experiences, and we were able to confirm the expectations with the work presented, the dedication and availability for clarifications, discussions and learning!
Excellent company with and excellent professionals!

Felipe Trevisan

Infrastructure and Technology Manager

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Experienced certified professionals 




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