Cybersafe Friend

A collaborative, non profit mission bringing together professionals passionate about cybersecurity & data protection and organizations with one goal, a safer digital space.

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A movement against digital fraud

The current dynamics of the digital society, increasingly mixing the world of work and personal life, with the arrival of the pandemic, ended up creating an even more challenging technological security scenario.

The cybersecurity friend is an answer to this challenge

We detect and communicate

technological vulnerabilities

No costs, managed by experts

With the legitimate intention of collaborating with the security of the digital society, we connect professionals, specialists and enthusiasts to our digital friends, once weaknesses in their digital structures have been detected.

Safe and responsible communication is at the heart of the movement.

Secure & Confidential

A cybersecurity and data protection movement could not fail to think about security. All information identified in the program is kept confidential, secure and complete, respecting the most current frameworks and best cybersecurity practices.

Collaborative action against digital fraud

Built by cybersecurity and data protection experts, open to organizations of all sizes and segments. The cybersafe friend is a starting point for a safer digital society. Let's go?


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Specialists at your disposal, against digital fraud

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Evaluate your organization, and contribute to a safer digital society

Report a vulnerability

If you know an organization's vulnerability and you don't know how and where to report it. Fill out the form below and we will forward it to the responsible entity.

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