Cybersecurity and data protection services

Build a secure workflow in your organization, reducing cybersecurity risks to your business, and increasing your organization's resilience and maturity in processing personal data and information security. 

Cybersecurity & Privacy 360º

Exclusively developed by B10SEC. An all-round approach for reliable cybersecurity and data protection 

We identify and analyze cyber risks that may impact your Organization's business, through analysis of assets (Technology, Processes and People) that support the business, based on the analysis of best market practices, frameworks, laws and regulations.

We implement the execution plan, identified in phase one, ïdentification & analysis". Actions are segmented into one-off or continuous activities. 

We adapt your Organization's internal processes, technologies, and practices to ensure compliance with regulations, data protection, and cybersecurity best practices

Improvements and priorities of your organization's business are redefined during the process of carrying out activities. At this stage, the objective is to redefine priorities, propose improvements, in line with your Organization's business. 

as a Service

Cybersecurity and data protection strategies definition. The guarantee of an experienced team of privacy specialists with wide-range expertise in data protection and security activities in various fields

Define the cyber security and data protection strategy in line with your Organization's business.

Adequacy and improvement of internal processes and team to ensure compliance with regulations, laws, standards and best practices in data protection and cybersecurity, such as:

  • RGPD (Regulamento Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais);
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation);
  • LGPD (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados);
  • Lei do Cibercrime (109/2009);
  • ISO/IEC 27.001:2013, ISO/IEC 27.701:2019  e demais normas da família ISO/IEC 27.000;
  • VDA Information Security Assessment (Verband der Automobilindustrie);
  • PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard);
  • Recomendações do CNCS (Centro Nacional de Cibersegurança);
  • ENISA (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity);
  • EDPS (European Data Protection Supervisor);
  • ICO UK ( Information Commissioner’s Office);
  • NIST CSF (Cybersecurity Framework);
  • Cert RMM (Resilience Management Model);
  • OpenSAMM (Software Assurance Maturity Model);
  • BSIMM (Building Security In Maturity Model).

Identify and manage non-compliances with regulations, laws, standards and best practices of data protection and cybersecurity,  that may directly impact your Organization's business.

Make your employees aware of the importance of ensuring the security of information and protection of personal data in your organization.

Service simulating false emails (phishing), focusing on sensitizing employees not to become victims of digital fraud, as well as identifying individual employees that report potential threats to management.

Identify and monitor cyber risks associated with Third party service providers or vendors, that may directly impact your Organization.

Cyber Attack
as a Service

Identify and address weaknesses that a Digital Threat can exploit in your Organization . An eteam qualified in intrusion testing, digital fraud analysis and cyber incident responses.

Identify root cause analysis and impact on cyber incidents

Technical analysis of detected frauds, Identifying how, when, where, and what impacts were found during the digital fraud analysis.

Identification of technological weaknesses in technologies such as web, mobile, infrastructure and IoT applications, which allow a malicious person to access confidential information and directly or indirectly impact your Organization's business.

Implementation of a vulnerability identification program in the targets defined by the client, which may be a public or restricted test by some invited and trusted experts from B10SEC.

Cyber Defence
as a Service

Protect and prevent that threats exploit your organization's existing technological weaknesses, preventing your brand from being targeted by cybercriminals who want to take advantage of your business' credibility to carry out digital fraud.

  • Maturity analysis based on ASVS (Application Security Verification Standard);
  • Automation of security review in codes (Code Review);
  • Definition and implementation of the secure development process for applications developed internally or by suppliers.

Identification, analysis, and implementation of the best technological solutions for your Organization's business focusing on cost efficiency and quality. Gain efficiency with Licenses at no cost or adequate cost.

  • Secure configuration of your technological environment (Internal and Cloud Systems, switches, servers, firewall, etc.) through good practices defined by the solution provider, experts and the market;
  • Corporate network (VLANs) segmentation, preventing ransomware from being propagated throughout the technological environment.

Proactive identification and prevention of cyber attacks and threats, minimizing the impacts on your Organization's business.

  • Brand monitoring, preventing websites created by cybercriminals from deceiving your customers, and performing fraud using your organization's brand.

Identification and containment of malicious  actions of ransomware, an action of a cybercriminal or even unintentional actions by employees that may expose the Organization and allow the leakage of confidential information and personal data.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection ON DEMAND

Consulting and operation flexible as your organization needs .

Qualified team for the most varied needs, occasional or recurrent. 



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