Your company depends on suppliers, with a direct impact on your organization. Each partner corresponds to a link in the chain of security and how do you know which is the weakest link?

Aware of this challenge, we created a product focused on reducing the risk to your Organization's business, through analysis of suppliers, following the steps below.

Process Steps


Identify the suppliers

We identify and map the critical processes that impact your Organization's business.

Based on this, we map the suppliers related to these processes and we analyze the cyber risks of non-compliance that can impact your company's business through your suppliers.


Define criticality

Based on the analysis carried out in phase 1, suppliers are divided by their criticality, defining a priority for analyzes and depth of audits to be carried out.


Cyber & Privacy Supply Chain 360º Assessment

We carry out analyzes of suppliers, divided into categories and based on best practices, frameworks, laws and data protection regulations.

“The MORE critical the supplier to the business, the DEEPER the analysis must be”


Action plan

After the Cyber & Privacy Supply Chain 360º assessment, we carry out:

  • Emergency actions, medium and long term
  • Strategic plan for evolving compliance and maturity in cybersecurity and data protection


A monitoring process is implemented, as well as an internal monitoring committee that will monitor:

  • Executive reports of evolution by supplier, for short and medium term actions;
  • Generation of management indicators;
  • Identified risks and actions to be taken.


We revisit the process periodically to implement continuous improvements.

At each cycle, we will be presented with a view of the risks and management indicators within the general planning established.

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of the data leaks that we identified through our IO Leak Data Monitor solution, happened due to the exploitation of technological vulnerabilities, failures in processes and human errors of suppliers

The benefits

  • Eliminate risks in the integration of suppliers that can impact the organization;
  • Identify legal risks of non-compliance with data protection laws and regulations;
  • Mitigate digital fraud;
  • Identify cybernetic risks to the business;
  • Identify risk of leakage of personal data and confidential information;
  • Mitigate risks in the definition of technology strategies that can impact directly the business of the organization;
  • Eliminate risks that are associated with malicious actions of external and internal threats;
  • Increased adherence compliance to controls defined by data protection laws;
  • Increase of the maturity of the organization in the treatment of personal data and security information;
  • Sensitization of suppliers to keep personal data and corporate information confidential and complete;
  • Assist the supply chain in realizing and mitigating risks related to information security and compliance.

Know the risks that impact your organization through your suppliers and protect your business. 

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