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The E-commerce Defence Seal has the mission of promoting robust cybersecurity practices, aiming to prevent, detect, and respond to digital threats, ensuring the protection of customer data and the success of the company's business.

Obtaining the E-commerce Defence Seal is an indication that organizations have achieved a high standard of cybersecurity in their e-commerce platform(s). Choosing this seal implies a significant reduction in risks related to cyberattacks, legal implications, and damage to reputation. This choice establishes a strong commitment to digital security, aiming to protect both customers and the continuity of the business.


We will conduct a comprehensive cybersecurity and data protection audit in your e-commerce environment, covering not only the main administrative interface but also all direct integrations. Our goal is to identify and rectify any vulnerabilities, non-compliance issues, and other weaknesses that could compromise the security of your e-commerce and its integrations.

Once the necessary corrections in items classified as Critical, High, and Medium are successfully made, we will issue the Seal E-commerce Defence N1.

Expiration date: 6 months
Requirements: N/A

As part of the annual cybersecurity and data protection audit, we will establish continuous monitoring of the environment with the purpose of identifying changes that affect the security of the environment, non-compliances, and other weaknesses that may pose threats to the e-commerce. We will also respond to incidents when necessary, ensuring a proactive and reactive approach to the protection of your e-commerce.

If the e-commerce already holds the valid E-commerce Defence N1 Seal, the implementation of the continuous monitoring process will allow for the issuance of the N2 Seal. This seal will remain valid throughout the monitoring period; however, it will be subject to the condition of immediate or short-term treatment of any points identified as Critical, High, or Medium during the monitoring process. This ensures that the e-commerce's security is maintained and that any significant risks are promptly addressed at the technology and process levels.

Expiration date: 1 year and/or the monitoring process duration
Requirements: E-commerce Defence N1

As an integral part of our service package (audit and monitoring), we offer periodic training in cybersecurity, specifically tailored to the e-commerce technology used and the vulnerabilities, non-compliances, and weaknesses identified. This training is intended for your employees involved in the development and operations of e-commerce, with the aim of raising awareness about best practices in digital security. This initiative aims to strengthen the company's defensive posture and ensure the proper protection of its e-commerce environment.

An e-commerce platform that already holds the E-commerce Defence N1 and N2 Seals may seek to obtain the N3 Seal, provided that it successfully implements the awareness training process on safe practices. This seal will be valid for 6 months and represents a continuous commitment to improving digital security at the levels of technology, processes, and people.

Expiration date: 6 months
Requirements: E-commerce Defence N1 e N2




The organization interested in acquiring the E-commerce Security Seal must initiate the process by sending a formal request to B10SEC. The said request will be thoroughly assessed by our team of experts.



Our team of cybersecurity and data protection specialists will conduct a thorough analysis of the secure practices implemented in your e-commerce. This analysis aims to determine if your e-commerce is in compliance with the stringent requirements stipulated by the E-commerce Defence Seal regulations in categories N1, N2, and N3.

Based on the assessment conducted, we will identify areas that require improvements, establishing corrective actions and suitable action plans to address any identified issues. Our goal is to assist your organization in achieving the necessary security standards to obtain the E-commerce Defence Seal.



After the implementation of all action plans and ensuring that all specific requirements for each level (N1, N2, or N3) have been met, the corresponding seal will be issued to your organization. This means that you will receive the E-commerce Defence Seal at the level that reflects the level of security achieved in your e-commerce: N1, N2, or N3. We are committed to recognizing, supporting, and certifying the successful efforts of your organization in promoting security in your e-commerce operations.

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